Facilitator Guidelines



  1. Documents to read: Description and Value Proposition, Objectives
  2. Stay on the call for the “Cool Down” period afterwards if at all possible.
  3. Help me by your own “Word of Mouth” marketing, which is how my programs spread.
  4. I run the call. In VCall parlance, I’m the “presenter”, i.e., control the screen see the hands raised, messages sent etc. Only one person can be presenter @ a time and switching is awkward!
  5. It’s imperative to connect via phone beforehand re. the whole process and possible issues.
  6. 3 or 4 slides are max. for the limited amount of time available. Should be posted ahead and forwarded to those who have accepted the calendaring notice.
  7. I’ll generate some?’s for polling, and post them ahead, and also have some ?’s or comments to interject , hoping to engage more of the participants.
  8. Some of these will be directed towards those on the call.
  9. I need a digital essay or business bio., to circulate ahead,  & show briefly during introduction and post on Ecto.
  10. Please specify what feedback you might like from the call.
  11. This is not a “speech”…… and requires frequent “pauses” [which always seem too long when you’re pausing], and more careful listening than usual. It’s a very different media, but one much more frequently to be used in the future, I believe!
  12. I will often interrupt the person I have  asked to do this, both in an interviewing process, and to call on participants.
  13. Brevity of expression, i.e., very short sentences, no more than 4 in a row, is not only important, it’s crucial to the value of virtual calls.
  14. I will send out contact information and materials with the personalized feedback form immediately after each call.
  15. I also want direct, full, feedback on your involvement/preparation/our Execution [as if you were a participant, please]
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