Jan 08

Forecast of 2-5 inches actually kept on to c. 14 inches. And cold, i.e., c. 15 degrees. Really like my life in the Chicago area. Serious mobility challenge for 30 to 48 hours. Now OK, but very different. Getting lots of house /desk work done. Hopeful of a return to normal soon. And to work out the future of my evolving website, which is essential!!

Dec 10

STILL IN PROCESS- as of Wednesday 1/4/17


Sep 19

I accidentally deleted [ while working on improving the protected areas on the site] this fundamental list (post-90a-learning-to-lean) – a basic to the LLF Process- and was distraught….but luckily was able to access an old version of the Posters I sent to a client, and retrieve it!

So then I studied it….kind of like “finding the lost sheep”, and was astounded @ how relevant/provocative, actually fresh, it was. Thought I knew it all already, of course…..a deep lesson again!!

None of us is ever  finished learning. Click on it and ponder!?! then use the worksheet (post-90b-worksheet) to add some of your own tactics…likely a habit we should all focus on as we age!!!

Jun 04

This is basically the title  of a new book by Kevin Kelly, available 6/7/16, by Viking

Well, I’ll get it and read carefully……. Kelly co-founded WIRED in 1993, was Executive Editor until 1999 and is still with them. He also was the publisher and editor of the Whole Earth Review. I’ve read his comments/articles before, and surely can’t avoid taking advantage of my picking 12 also, not knowing he had. He covers the set as deeper processes, not specific trends, but also believes they overlap and are codependent. I’m thinking this makes both discussion and sharing, mandatory, in my network. We’ll see……

Sep 03

I’ve been interacting  with clients re. the troublesome & deepening aspects of security & privacy issues for several years, that weren’t often addressed, nor designed for, in systems operating today. Just had a close friend and client point out such a vulnerability on my own website. Happened, classically, a week or so ago as I made another seemingly unrelated move of web materials/links. Like lessons of 4  decades ago in then called Data Processing. Which I was responsible for! A humbling lesson, prompting more rigorous review of everything on the site, since I am in a thorough redesign/update, and will be for some time.

An added constant perspective, hereafter. You may have already had it.

Aug 21

I just, in the last blog was pushing the importance of “Breaking Smart” material, and now have another focus, at my highest personal priority of action for your very serious consideration:

The Millennium Project   2015-2016 State of the future     Glenn & Florescu     978-0-9882639-2-5

At a minimum read the Amazon 5 star reviews [ only a few since it’s just out] to get a flavor. Well written, well organized, interesting & understandable charts, good stuff on 2050, and 15 Global challenges, all worth discussing in our LinkedIn Discussion Group. And in LLF’s. And by all genuine Leaders!

So far I’m very happy I bought it and have allocated time/energy to assimulating it, and infusing it into my 7th life phase, especially re. anticipating the kind of “Magic” forum participants need in the future!!

Aug 04

I was just introduced to “Breaking Smart”, as “one of the most insightful things I’ve read in quite a while”….and indeed it is so far for me, and thus I’m passing it along…….with emphasis. Some parts take me a while, i.e., re-reading, to understand. It does however resonate closely with my chosen focus for the next 15 years[ my current long range plan], and my intentions for this website.

Go there.   <www.Breakingsmart.com>    check if it fits anywhere near as well for you


Jun 08

The StrengthFinder profiling process is superb, one of the top two, in my opinion, of a dozen or so in wide use in corporate America. It focuses on 34 themes or talents, that are present, in various degrees in all of us, especially on your top set, usually five. We tend to use those, are most comfortable there…and are likely most personally successful, doing so. My top 6 are the same, both times I’ve done their full assessment. I’ve spent some time examining the remaining 28, picking 11 that I want engaged in my leadership process…..some listed lower, i.e., lessening my tendency to use them, and also  raising some others’ ranking, in my perception, i.e.,  to more often be exhibited in my actions! Thus having settled on 17, one half of their set, I’ve now gone back to more fully understand my top 6, how they interact, and can be connected to  the other 11 traits I’ve chosen to use to guide my thoughts/words/actions, and hopefully, results!

I’d be happy to share a learning dialogue with anyone else using Strengthfinder for their own growth and development

Feb 02

I just returned from 2 weeks travel, helping two retainer clients bring their Leadership Learning Forums [LLF]to  “commencement” – that word is used to imply both an  ending and a beginning, again of the Forum Process. They will both continue the cycle.  This trip, especially returning here to more snow than I’ve ever seen on the Cape [window sill high, on our deck from the kitchen  sink outlook], prompts me to keep focusing on the LLF “Magic” sections [ password protected] on this website…a life long effort of mine now, in this my 7th career phase!!

Jan 10

This is a basic LLF process document [Post 237I-3] , recently reviewed & updated for several clients who are beginning to lead their own adaptation/customization, of my evolving LLF Process. Sixteen key decisions and 22 issues to shape or set in place.

Usually takes a lot of discussion, planning and counsel.

And it’s a continual process in order to maintain the “magic”

You’re welcome to connect to explore that ongoing effort.

Jan 01

“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language, and next years words await another voice”

T. S. Eliot  American poet 1888-1965

So, yes, traditionally we set new resolutions, plans, and hopes….a clean slate so to speak…..one of up-looking, and within our grasp, most likely. The key part to me of T.S. Eliot’s quote is  he use of the word “await”…connoting choice, i.e., action we can take….Thus the hope!!. I feel a surge of it for 2015 and send some along to you, if you’d like!

Dec 10

There’s an increasing amount of literature, including some very powerful books, covering this topical area. All reference /support or re-position the scenario, of A2I [Advanced Artificial Intelligence] possibly , in the not too distant future, surpassing general human capacities, enough to control or “rule’ us….like “HAL” in the old movie epic “2001- A Space Odyssey”. But with enough astonishing things already possible, and being done, in many professions, that the fundamental ?’s, or issues, already worked over, in literature and art, are very real. They require much more exposure, dialogue, and personal experience. I have been in technology, and people handling, all my life, but only have read sporadically of AI, now A2I .Will change that in this 7th phase of my life, the Legacy phase…….more to come…..

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