Jul 04

I chose to allow a long diversion from this communication  vehicle, unbelievable c. 8 months…..while helping several Retainer Clients do their own form of internal Leadership Learning Forums…and because of two quite serious, surprise, unusual surgeries while vacationing on the west coast with Barbara. Luckily we were right by Stanford Medical Center whose emergency room staff, & recovery facility, handled me superbly well over 8 days. Now having returned to Cape Cod, & largely finished careful rehabilitation, I am refocusing in my 6th  life phase. The Legacy Phase . And will detail those phases, on this website,  in connecting with my Legacy Representational Perspectivre Next 15 years  [LRPN15], which has been shown here for the last almost 20 years! [under”My work” as  E -15 year Full Plan]

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