Aug 26

One of the books referenced below in that superb internal Leadership Learning Forum is ” Crucial Conversations” by Petterson,Grenny, McMillan & Switsler.   If you haven’t got it, or read it, do both for sure, please! It’s a core book [Adlerian definition = a book that grows with you!] in almost all the Forums done recently. And invariably such reviews are accompanied by off- the-cuff remarks like “My favorite”….. “life changing…. “addresses a real need I have.”, etc. It’s been on my list of “core books” for some time also [ Click here for that list]. They have also written two other superb additions to our learning/growth/change…. “Crucial Confrontations” … and …..”Influencer”. Same coments re. both.

A fast taste of what’s in “Crucial Conversations”.              Super  quotes throughout, summaries of each chapter, flyleaf praise & forward, excellent diagrams, & examples. Definiton = 1) Opinions Vary 2)Starkes are high  3) Emotions run strong. STATE = Share your facts. Tell your story. Ask for others’  path. Talk tentatively. Encourage testing

Some one-liners = p11 “In the best companies, everyon hlds everyone else accountable”…p22 “When people purposefully withhold meaning from one another, individually smart people can do collectively stupid things”…….. throughout =”Make it Safe”…… p217 ” “your ability to pull yourself out of the content of a discussion and to focus on the process is inversely proportional to your level of emotion”
p220-221 “there’s too much material in this book to try to master in one sitting….you haven’t talked them [concepts] enough to make them part of your vocabular”….p224 “Remmeber the costs: focus on the rewards”

There’s much much more!!


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