Aug 11

Conflict resolution is a process that’s been a functional area of concern for decades. It still needs attention by all evolving leaders, in my opinion, and is often not handled well by executive leadership. In a recent session during an internal Leadership Learning Forum, lead by Henry Givray, the CEO of SmithBucklin Corporation, participants discussed, and exercised cases, as a group, developing their own capacity with this process, using superb materials which are a part of that on-going program. Most staff are not so fortunate, to be  part of such unique developmental opportunities, but never-the-less have a  similar need to perform better. Attached [click here] is a brief checklist of ideas  for you to consider  pondering, & to develop your  own increased effectiveness. We all need to get better doing conflict resolution in our work, in our homes, in our communities!!

In the same LLF session, three books were reviewed, all of which are LLF “core” readings: “Blink”, “Crucial Conversations”, and “Defining Moments”],  and all helped integrate different  approaches to conflict ,with examples of both sucess or failure. I will share again, in coming weeks here, a brief review, of these favorite LLF books and how they connected so powerfully

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