Jun 07

An excellent article. Get it and read for sure , I’d argue

And ponder…. we all know of the ages – farm to agrarian to industrial to information….but really “Data”.  They postulate that “data is to this century what oil was to the last: a driver of change and growth”, and then go into how it’s grown, what makes it, what it’s used for, or will be, with some interesting chart/lists. Plus a number of thoughts/perspectives on markets it’s created or disrupted…on its share-ability…on its portability..and who might get held accountably for what . Or not! With differences in Europe, American and China referenced……

Should be a carefully run full day workshop, superbly facilitated! And much more…… There must be more written & discussed, of course. I will look for that.

Jun 27

I’m just now including under the section labeled “Magic”, my recent basic list of 133 topics, ideas, games, Executive Vignettes, video clips, etc. [click here]. For years I used this as starting point when generating the initial architecture of a Leadership Learning Forum. It’s not been updated in some years, but I will eventually make it so. I will start now to include a brief explanation of use, or potential place in a Forum Process of each. Like the numerous “posters” available on this site, these  can be adapted or expanded to customize for a particular set of Forum participants, and actually reformatted into a different delivery  media, i.e., from a list, to a game, to a breakout discussion, to an assigned presentation, etc.

Post 418 Master List E.V’s-Exercises- Games, Etc.

May 28

The daily SingularityHub is very worthwhile to peruse. Yes, even daily. On 5/26 there’s coverage of the progress/impact of 3D printing in the $10 trillion manufacturing business……currently can print in c. 300 different materials…full color….in mixed media…complexity and personalization come “for free”. Amazing, especially given that only a few years ago, for most of us 3D printing was altogether just a future idea. Look it up and ponder.

Disruptive in Big Health Care, Higher Education, and Finance too, I believe…..

Oct 23

In preparation for a 3rd cycle of my Leadership Learning Forum process, to be run internally in a client site, largely by themselves now, I unearthed three important books used in the process on some past occasions.

“Teach Your child to Think”  Edward de bono    0-670-83013-5……..plus “Systems Thinking”   J.  Gharajedaghi   978-0-12-385915-0 ….plus  “An Introduction to General Systems Thinking”    Gerald M Weinberg    0-932633-49-8

All powerful. One difficult [ the 2nd ]but extremely rewarding, as some difficult books are. AND…all are in greater need today than ever, because of  global  commoditization of technical devices/access, and easily obtainable or creatable software. But perhaps only for a few of the deeply dedicated leaders in our field . Likely not useful for the convenient or occasional visitor to Information technology as it is evolving today. Maybe just a brief outline or summary??? We  will try that!

Peruse all three. Use parts. Decide yourself, please. Let me know……

Mar 23

On 3/20 I talked about creating your own magic as an Internal Consultant, recognizing the “Color of a Dollar”, or perceiving what will bring bottom line value to the organization, using the “magic”  of individual, open, connections, with multiple others, collaborating across functional lines.  For ANY organization. The flyer describing this presentation, and the more detailed handouts are posted under “Documents”,  under “Magic’ on this website. There were many graduates of my Leadership Learning Forums and of SIM’s Regional Leadership Forums present, who resonated with this perspective. It was a fun interaction, and is adding to the “Wood-lore” being shared about that “magic” on this website

Jan 22

Cape Cod doesn’t handle snow over 2-3 inches  as well as Chicago does….where I just came from. Lucky to get in here. I helped “Commence” the third Leadership Learning Forum [LLF] there  1/17-18/’14,  @ SmithBucklin Corp., sponsored and led by Henry Givray, their CEO. A spectacular process, deep & broad learning/growth, powerful bonding by all participants/speakers, wonderful gifts & memories, unique energy and commitment being carried forward both personally & professionally! With uniquely positive organizational impact. Lots of “Magic”!!

Most note-ably, for my own continued growth & learning.  I’ve been involved in perhaps 250 LLF’s since 1984. This  one was at the top or close to it!! A joy and solid pride for all to be part of!!!

I will travel to Loma Linda University Health, in San Bernardino, next week to help “commence” there, their first such LLF, which has had, so far, a lot of the same results/impacts, and “magic” as referenced above.

Much of this website is now dedicated to helping bring that about more frequently, more predictably, as referenced below, especially the evolving section “Magic”

We’ll see.

Dec 28

In all my current Leadership Learning Forums [LLF’s], four capacities, or fully transportable skill sets, are increasingly more tightly integrated in the work of evolving high impact leaders! 1) Project Management, which nowadays, everyone needs to understand and be reasonably adept at. 2) Self-assessment, or deeply engaged in one of the better “profiling” techniques., which is less frequent but becoming essential in my opinion. 3) Leadership development which has been a focus all over for some time [not always achieved successfully]. 4)  Business enabled counsel, or “internal consulting skills”, which is much less frequent, exists in individual cases, but has now become a crucial part of effective staff leadership. When all four are together and focused on the customer or marketplace the positive impact is huge……a  very positive advantage that is easily identified and creates quite a competitive edge. Part of the LLF  “Magic” is the combining, & the growth, of these capacities in forum participants. Look for it!!

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