Dec 28

In all my current Leadership Learning Forums [LLF’s], four capacities, or fully transportable skill sets, are increasingly more tightly integrated in the work of evolving high impact leaders! 1) Project Management, which nowadays, everyone needs to understand and be reasonably adept at. 2) Self-assessment, or deeply engaged in one of the better “profiling” techniques., which is less frequent but becoming essential in my opinion. 3) Leadership development which has been a focus all over for some time [not always achieved successfully]. 4)  Business enabled counsel, or “internal consulting skills”, which is much less frequent, exists in individual cases, but has now become a crucial part of effective staff leadership. When all four are together and focused on the customer or marketplace the positive impact is huge……a  very positive advantage that is easily identified and creates quite a competitive edge. Part of the LLF  “Magic” is the combining, & the growth, of these capacities in forum participants. Look for it!!

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