Nov 17
  • Sumo

Christmas decor, lots of adds, announcements, sales, trips, all seem to be covering any mention, or common awareness of the next holiday to celebrate. Some Halloween decor is still up. Of course that just past evening has gotten bigger, comparatively, to me. in more recent years. Candy and costumes for children, plus adults now going to parties, etc. make for more $ sales to seek. Thanksgiving has less $/focus opportunities, except for getting turkeys, or family/communal meals. Even here in New England where the celebration was largely centered originally. Shopping habits or trends, during the weeks of December, a month time period, are already laced throughout the press. What happened to highlighting Thanks giving? Or more importantly observing its meaning?

Even with retail shop actions, and surely in some some homes with very early Christmas decor, we all have reason to be thankful….and to remember the opportunity………despite the much less seasonality in comparison

One Response to “Will we even notice Thanksgiving, never mind giving “Thanks” for what we have?”

  1. Dick Dooley says:

    Some mention of Thanksgiving is showing through now,. enough to prompt us all to follow up on its meaning, not its seasonality!

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