May 02

A set of WSJ columnists shared their perceptions on this topic in the WSJ Weekend Edition 5-20 & 21-2015 in the WSJ Magazine, page 38. Their ideas/views are important for any facilitator attempting to bring about more than just what’s on the agenda.

Rayne Baron -“…all of a sudden you can’t control it anymore. You have to stand back and let it take on a life of its own”….

Reggie  Watts – “… definitely about listening, literally listening to everything around you… to the ineffable, the intangible. Everything has its own vibrations”

Theresa Caputo – “…Negative vibes prevent us from seeing things. So I always say to everybody. ‘quiet your mind’  ”
All three points are very relevant to allowing the “Magic” to build in a Leadership Learning Forum, which is, in my opinion, the lead facilitator’s main  responsibility. Get the full article to ponder  and focus on the “Vibes” in your sessions. Or, that aren’t there, if not & perhaps how to engender them?!?

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