Jun 08

The StrengthFinder profiling process is superb, one of the top two, in my opinion, of a dozen or so in wide use in corporate America. It focuses on 34 themes or talents, that are present, in various degrees in all of us, especially on your top set, usually five. We tend to use those, are most comfortable there…and are likely most personally successful, doing so. My top 6 are the same, both times I’ve done their full assessment. I’ve spent some time examining the remaining 28, picking 11 that I want engaged in my leadership process…..some listed lower, i.e., lessening my tendency to use them, and also  raising some others’ ranking, in my perception, i.e.,  to more often be exhibited in my actions! Thus having settled on 17, one half of their set, I’ve now gone back to more fully understand my top 6, how they interact, and can be connected to  the other 11 traits I’ve chosen to use to guide my thoughts/words/actions, and hopefully, results!

I’d be happy to share a learning dialogue with anyone else using Strengthfinder for their own growth and development

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