Oct 16
  • Sumo

A long standing client ask me to speak with their leadership team, exploring “StrenghtsFinders” [SF], with the real purpose of knowing more about their own habits/traits/attitudes, and hopefully insights about their effectiveness. We covered a bit about “profiling” in general, but went in depth, with follow-up suggestions for their focus on SF. In my opinion/experience, it’s by far the best….broadest, deepest, with lots of literature available for further examination/application to their work requirements, and to their life!

Upon returning home I dug out my file and multiple books to begin studying again. Very useful.There is still much to improve/fix and tons to learn yet, even though I had believed I was an “expert” of sorts. Actually is something I should have been doing anyways and will follow up, in the mentoring I do there, with 8-10 leaders

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  1. JoniWoodLehman says:

    I’m just catching up on your website, Dick. Glad I’m doing so! My LLF experience preceded the intro of StrengthsFinders, but I, long ago, bought the book and took the assessment. Don’t recall a thing about what I learned at that time. So, now, when I return to Fort Wayne, I will have to revisit that experience. Thanks for the reminder!

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