Dec 01

I am reading/hearing others say in support for driverless cars – 1.2 million people killed each year by cars driven by people -Such cars don’t drink – and like robots they are easy to train/instruct – and such cars could benefit the elderly or disabled – plus their actions are very predicable. In short they are likely better on the average, than very many humans are when those humans drive!!

Much the same set of arguments are made for robots replacing humans in some kinds of work – robots are less forgetful, pay attention to new changes, don’t disobey or underperform

Lots od literature lately about will that always be so, as they are made more sophisticated. It was not long ago, that just “science-fiction” writing/movies, that pushed such possibilities. It seems much closer @ hand,now, given the rate of advancement in exploration in both driverless cars, and robotics in general.

Are these possibilities legitimate concerns for Corporate Information Technology leaders?

I believe so and am engaging in that dialogue, integrating it into thoughtful anticipation of the near future in several industries.

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