Jun 19

Having  just returned from my 55th  @ The College of The Holy Cross,  I was impressed by the frequency, commonality,  intensity of both feelings and perspectives about our Country today: – Very little if any real leadership in either [Any?] political party – Very worrisome  lack of  jobs or their creation – Deep concern about the lack of debt management & its implications – The number of home towns/cities/states where Classmates live, that are facing serious $ deficits right now  – The growing gap between the “Haves” and the “Have nots” – Major industries in huge turmoil/change, e.g. Real Estate, Health Care, Finance, Retail, Higher  Education, – Focus on much less relevant concerns, for too long, e.g., scandals by several male leaders, rather enough  effective focus on the difficult challenges just referenced.

And not a lot of  “Hope”

Was that ever so in such past gatherings?? I don’t think so. Maybe just age. Maybe just my own concerns finding like others to feel validated against.  As I said I was surprised, but did feel validted. We’ll see.  The next year or two seem crucial.

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