Jan 26
  • Sumo

Singularity Hub reported on 1/23/’20, that 5 Central Banks, [England, Canada, Japan, Sweden & The European Central Bank ]plus the Bank of International Settlements, have banded together to research central bank digital currencies. I’ve only read, a bit, about “Bitcoin” and it’s descendants or rivals and am feeling out of touch……..surely am prompted into understanding more! A classic response happening often these days of deep “disrupters”………Some of my network says I’m not alone on this quest!!

After posting the above note I emailed a dozen or so “like thinkers”. Many have responded. The reply by one “author” is posted under “comments”

2 Responses to “Central Banks start their own Cryptocurrency?”

  1. John Fisher says:

    Interesting.  I don’t know a lot about the crypto currencies, but I do know that banks in general are fearful about this new approach to currency which can have a profound impact on banking.  If you think about it, the “normal” currencies are just backed by the country or countries that support them and have no real intrinsic value (similar to stock certificates), so there is nothing fundamentally different here except they are backed by corporations versus countries.
    I’ve talked with several people who say they make money this way, but have never delved into the details. It may be the wave of the future or it may be a con. Time will tell.

  2. Dick Dooley says:

    It would be interesting to find out how people make $ with it. I have heard that too!!!
    Watching what the Central banks do will also be interesting
    I’ll ask Allan Alter about this [ World Economic Forum]

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