Oct 17

Barbara and I spent the weekend @ The College of the Holy Cross, attending the President’s Council with many other leaders.  6 special Classmates there.  And lots of memories……. a wonderful time and process!! I was provoked to recall how huge an impact Holy Cross had on me in those four years [i.e., in addition to shaping my character & value set, & training my thinking habits, I had my eye removed because of cancer…… I learned how to lead/run all kinds of groups and meetings….. etc., etc.]

So I’ve been more broadly examining how the perspectives and imprints of that period of growth in my life, and the near term years after it,  applies today, here on Cape Cod, with 5 Children ,8 grandchildren, many friends, and multiple clients, all over the country, and how will it shape me in the coming years…….

Very  provocative

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