Mar 16

I read recently of the common characteristics ascribed to water:  flows around, hardly ever stopped long….grounded as much as possible…..powerful but appearing often calm/quiet….overwhelming @ times…..often present….almost always essential….sometimes hard to reach. There are others……An old Chinese parable of “Fire  and Water” is superb. While not much in the current literature about leadership, these analogue connections are strikingly useful I believe. Especially in terms of the need for shifted approaches to leadership situations!! Many appearing to fit well, but beyond some of our capacity to adjust quickly. Authentically.  Seamlessly.  However it’s an imagery good to keep in our heads to implement when effective. A few days later I saw the award-winning movie “The Sound Of Water”, bringing another broad set of perspectives to ancient & recent expressions of leadership mentalities. Worth pondering as a full set for us all, I think

Some audio discussion of the above,will be added soon to this very brief verbal description of leadership

Jun 21

Below, dated 4/25 in a comment about “Being a Fast Study”, a  capacity of value for leaders…. that’s been a part of my Leadership Learning Forum Process] LLFP] for years,  we actually highlight a skill required today , perhaps more than ever. The same heightened perspective, in the next “blog” [6/7], referencing the Economist’s issue of 5/6 , focusing on “Data”, builds toward the same importance of knowledge  and comfort, that many of us don’t have today, about the pace/scope of more “advancing technologies (AT)”  than are in my current, 7 months old, list [Poster 444] Post 444 Tech Trends. I’m in discussions, exploration sessions, with clients/network contacts now, about these 13 [acknowledging there are others AT’s to consider – but this list seem more than enough to start for most of us – especially for emerging leaders], and how the 13 combine today with some select leadership capacities[ listed as A- E] that are often not fully operative in some  organizations today.

Surely requires more dialogue. The need for which is clearly manifested by the implications referenced in the last blog [6/16] about “Neural Implants!

Jun 16

A superb, fascinating,  short, article on one of many technology  advancements these days , that manifests the huge gap…which is increasing,  between those who are engaged with some of these trends, @the “edge”, so to speak, and much of the rest of the normal work force inhabitants, I run into each day……..including those in “technology”………Maybe they’re  in “technology” that’s fast becoming “old”…perhaps faster than ever in our lives before!

What’s possible, actually often being done somewhere now, begs for more discussion/planning/realistic creative review and thought, than most staff have the time/energy to give. One of my grandsons is in classes now, in college, covering advanced technologies……little known nor understood by many of us, that will form work assignments for him and his generation in the near future!!

The descriptive adjective “Disruptive “, as common as it is now, isn’t really being appropriately used often enough in my opinion.


Get it, and ponder!….no, study more and plan!!

Jan 26

One of the documents I call “Posters”, Post 418 Master List 10-4-16 – E.V’s-Exercises- Games, Etc., [ there are perhaps a thousand!!] contains c. 160 choices/options for lead facilitator’s use, as best fits that group of participants, in that customised cycle of the LLF process. Select forum facilitators have access personally.

I’m expanding on the list just now, explaining the use/rationale for each, one by one[ likely a lifetime project]. But fun for me/useful to others, perhaps.

Jan 25

My website is back intact, and I will now re-focus on what is the intent of this 7th phase of my life!   Very happy to be back @ work @ that!!

Jan 12

Singularity Hub on 1/10/16 published some comments and a video, based on Ray Kurzweil’ s talk last summer, in which he asked this question. It’s  hugely provocative. Some say just it’s just philosophical, not of near term operational focus. But consider the many science fiction type technologies of 1 to 3 years ago that are greatly influential if not common place today – drones, implants, 3D printing, wearable’s, driverless cars, Robots in competition, hover boards, etc., etc. The disruptive potential is extensive, and deepening in many industries.

Also on personal careers and life styles. Not just on emerging professionals or leaders but anyone with a sense beyond their near  term future. Read it and watch …..and plan!




Oct 30

Arizona  Center   400 e. Van Buren Street   Phoenix,  Arizona   85014

FREE    2/22-28-2016            <>

Dr. Carl is a very long time friend, mentor, companion together on multiple journeys. For both Barbara and I. He is know to many of you via numerous, relevant/provocative presentations in my Leadership Learning Forums over the years. And for  SIM, the Society of Information Systems. In particular, in the Regional Leadership Forums [ RLF’s] which have highlighted his books, as well as his talks/tapes. This will be a fun, moving. important initial focus here in the States of work Dr. Carl, Dr. “Patch” Adams, and others have done in Peru and elsewhere for years. Don’t miss it!! email  [above]for their brochure and latest information. I’ve sent a personal testimonial, and a $ contribution. You could/should too!!

Jul 10

I know Clayton Christensen, as many of you do…enjoy/use his books in LLF’s… like  his speeches, & his classroom presence/teachings, and most of all, his personal interaction.

The below link was sent to me by  a very successful Dot-Com surrivalist, who reads a lot ,as many of us do. This is short, very relevant, asking if each of us is doing enough preparing/helping of today’s emerging leaders….provoked some new ideas & energy on my part. Well worth discussion




Jun 27

I’m just now including under the section labeled “Magic”, my recent basic list of 133 topics, ideas, games, Executive Vignettes, video clips, etc. [click here]. For years I used this as starting point when generating the initial architecture of a Leadership Learning Forum. It’s not been updated in some years, but I will eventually make it so. I will start now to include a brief explanation of use, or potential place in a Forum Process of each. Like the numerous “posters” available on this site, these  can be adapted or expanded to customize for a particular set of Forum participants, and actually reformatted into a different delivery  media, i.e., from a list, to a game, to a breakout discussion, to an assigned presentation, etc.

Post 418 Master List E.V’s-Exercises- Games, Etc.

Jun 14

This poster reflects a major focus of the 7th phase of my career…..a basic part of my current long range plan which covers the next 15 years of my expected life. As such it manifests the ongoing evolution of this website, which is now c. 17 years old. It started, and mostly has been archival, or historical, but lately has been shifted more to sharing & anticipating future uses, or needs, of the Leadership Learning Forum Process, including perspectives and wisdom from others, who’ve also been deeply positively impacted, by their experience in that process.

Likely, similar to much of the basic LLF process, this will be a divergent focus for me… i.e., a part of all the remaining years of my like.

Access Policy- 7-1–2015

May 16

As Spring on Cap Cod gains momentum – a delight after the winter we had – my focus on improving, expanding, & enriching my website continues its major new focus points . Maybe perhaps 6 months old. Maybe perhaps, I’ll be doing this as long as I’m able [ planning on 15 years more – that’s in my long range plan, current version].  Four major thrusts -1] providing a fast improving search function  -2]arranging for your option of adding comments where you’d like  – 3]making the whole site more anticipatory or future oriented, rather than just archival or historical and adding 4] photos with explanatory comments by me, for new LLF facilitators to ponder

I’m thinking this will be 6 more months of intense web building and additions. Then normal creativity for the rest of my years!!



Jan 10

This is a basic LLF process document [Post 237I-3] , recently reviewed & updated for several clients who are beginning to lead their own adaptation/customization, of my evolving LLF Process. Sixteen key decisions and 22 issues to shape or set in place.

Usually takes a lot of discussion, planning and counsel.

And it’s a continual process in order to maintain the “magic”

You’re welcome to connect to explore that ongoing effort.

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