Mar 16

I read recently of the common characteristics ascribed to water:  flows around, hardly ever stopped long….grounded as much as possible…..powerful but appearing often calm/quiet….overwhelming @ times…..often present….almost always essential….sometimes hard to reach. There are others……An old Chinese parable of “Fire  and Water” is superb. While not much in the current literature about leadership, these analogue connections are strikingly useful I believe. Especially in terms of the need for shifted approaches to leadership situations!! Many appearing to fit well, but beyond some of our capacity to adjust quickly. Authentically.  Seamlessly.  However it’s an imagery good to keep in our heads to implement when effective. A few days later I saw the award-winning movie “The Sound Of Water”, bringing another broad set of perspectives to ancient & recent expressions of leadership mentalities. Worth pondering as a full set for us all, I think

Some audio discussion of the above,will be added soon to this very brief verbal description of leadership

Mar 07

I read before leaving for a long time of R&R in Phoenix with Barbara, that relaxation was a learned skill. So why not get to be able to turn it on and off on demand? Tried. Got better I think. Maybe still behind others I deal with. Came back just a while ago and can’t believe how many things dimmed in that time frame, which were automatic in my usual daily process…combinations…passwords… what certain buttons in the car do…and a ton of network/systems stuff….. Brother! Well catching up, and now focused back on my website architectural plan [WMAP], which is crucial to this the 7th phase of my life!! And of interest to some of you. And will be reflected here much more visibily  and continually.

Dec 27

On Christmas am we were settled in to a beautiful evolving day….sunny, quiet, Cape gentle temperature…”when all of a sudden”,  a very high wind – dangerous level – branches flying off the trees into our windows….then a strong fast falling rain, turning to snow…..turning to a “White -out” blizzard….then power outage…………Gripping…… and then over in c. 25 minutes!!!Power back in 30 minutes. I thought it might be hours, minimum, given the date. Did it really happen?!?!? Was it just one rouge cloud?? Went for a happy walk as the day returned to its morning state. On the walk, icy snow pelts cascaded on us, but were also over by the time we reached home?!?!

Like some story of Norse Legendary Thunder-gods hurling lightning into Cape Cod’s gentle mother nature ways……

Been perfect since then….. we’ll all see what the new year brings………..

Dec 09

12/9………..light, but most of the day…on and off….a reminder of what’s possible , perhaps in store…Fall was wonderful. And long

Family, friends, clients, in Chicago and Buffalo, say they got a lot more!!

Brings back memories of younger days, frolicking in it. A great, general characteristic of snow here, rather than Chicago or Buffalo, is that it’s gone in a matter of hours…….days at most….

May these coming days be joyous, peaceful and fulfilling to you and yours!!

Oct 28

I’ve been commenting on this giant set of topics, and writing a blog now and then…even two in a row now[ see below]

Seems appropriate in my network …a new poster linked in….”word-smithed” a bit……. almost all counsel today, personal and organization, @ the senior levels leads within an hour or two, leads to  some converging set of this list.

The list started as 12, grew to 15, then to 20……….it doesn’t matter what number you use today…it’s growing and impacting more work flows/people/products/teams…..needs to be understodd by many ……anticipated …and applied…continually…. they shapes the entire I.T. focus I believe, especially from the consumer/marketplace view…..

Will explore it directly with some of you

Post 444 Tech Trends

Feb 24

Took a month off , using only my iPhone6  & iPad air, to stay connected, but not as intensely focused as usual. Interesting lessons for me!……and as signs of Spring occasionally show here on Cape Cod, I feel that traditional urge for new growth  & outreach… and critical review of lots of things I was doing, worrying about!! In a few days we will celebrate 13 full years in this wonderful location, and are looking forward to many more… even more happily and productively!!!

Jan 08

Forecast of 2-5 inches actually kept on to c. 14 inches. And cold, i.e., c. 15 degrees. Really like my life in the Chicago area. Serious mobility challenge for 30 to 48 hours. Now OK, but very different. Getting lots of house /desk work done. Hopeful of a return to normal soon. And to work out the future of my evolving website, which is essential!!

Jan 06

Was forecast as 2 inches, raised to 5……actually pretty, but reminds one, why so many Cape Cod residents go south for 3 – 6months. The swans are indistinguishable from clumps of snow on our dammed-up river. Prompts memories of when I was very small, and relished  waking to a fresh white cover over everything!!.It’s usually gone here, within 24 hours or so! Which is lucky, ’cause Cape Cod is not so good as, say, Chicago, @ handling accumulated snow. But so far today it’s fun to watch…..and remember other joyful times…….so, as we edge into 2017, may this year bring you, and yours, enough Peace, Joy, Physical and Spiritual Stamina, for whatever future might evolve!!

Nov 18

The recent election, before, during, and now afterwards, provoked these questions for many of us, suggesting the personal habit of reviewing that set, critically, periodically, is crucial….. A life long activity. Likely never finished, given the changes and challenges we all face  these days. Not only in this country but the world… So I have begun a complete examination for myself, considering first, what I believe my own principles of living are now, what they might, could become, before I judge what others believe theirs are. A daunting, challenging process. Likely will take awhile. especially interacting, in a  civil dialogue, with some of the vast number of people who were surprised/missed/ are upset or worried/can’t accept, what we have been witnessing for some time…so I can reshape my own habits of learning, questioning, absorbing…….and help others do the same, if they too, think it’s important for themselves!!

Oct 31

From very young, I always loved the Fall. Maybe it’s Chicago’s best time…the “Indian Summer” weeks. In New England, it’s often a big deal for “Leaf
Peepers” to travel on back roads, around small towns, to enjoy the vibrant foliage. We just did that in the historic Hudson Valley for four days, not crowded…….spectacular warm, sunny days…history…. quaintness, surprises…actually bought many things on sale?!?!?…… and had marvelous meals, more happily served, & @ far less $ than Boston , or Chicago, or N.Y, city restaurants.

And came home to similar beauty/enjoyment/peace [photo on the left]!!. Nice to be away from keyboards, television, newspapers, urgency everywhere, and to bring some back to keep here!

img_1658 img_1679

Sep 19

I accidentally deleted [ while working on improving the protected areas on the site] this fundamental list (post-90a-learning-to-lean) – a basic to the LLF Process- and was distraught….but luckily was able to access an old version of the Posters I sent to a client, and retrieve it!

So then I studied it….kind of like “finding the lost sheep”, and was astounded @ how relevant/provocative, actually fresh, it was. Thought I knew it all already, of course…..a deep lesson again!!

None of us is ever  finished learning. Click on it and ponder!?! then use the worksheet (post-90b-worksheet) to add some of your own tactics…likely a habit we should all focus on as we age!!!

Sep 06

It’s been over twenty years since one really landed here , so maybe it’s time…and other areas have been warned, well and then. hit hard. But  here it didn’t materialize much more than an impending storm. So worry/listen /prepare for nothing.??….. well…better than no notice and lots of damage/discomfort!! Likely coming AI, though hard to feel it now in our daily lives, must be prepared for, understood re, options, reach, and disruptions/and surely as the weather changes, AI will be increasingly a major  and visible/unexpected part of all our lives. Seek it out personally. It’s already here to stay.

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